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Of late, much is being written about the global civil society.  Comprised of non-governmental organizations and citizen groups, the global civil society is viewed by many as a potentially powerful force for justice in the world.  Individuals in all walks of life have a voice in this newly emerging power bloc.   Social networks have provided the technology by which individuals around the world can join together, build each other up, and unite for common causes.  People who can realize their life dreams are in a position to be more effective advocates for a just global political and social order.  One-on-one support systems are a more direct and personal approach to helping each other become all that we can become.  Dream Connect Global was created by individuals who firmly believe that we can form global alliances of empowered individuals who can work together to live our individual and communal lives to the fullest and thereby leave a positive legacy.  We believe that those who have been blessed to be born in prosperous countries and have grown up in affluence and had access to a quality education and professional opportunities have a moral obligation to reach out to those less fortunate with a helping hand.  The world will thrive if our opportunities are equalized.  We do not believe in free handouts.  We believe that those who receive resources and support should repay the kindness given to them by giving back in kind.  The one who is helped today will help someone else tomorrow.

We also believe that together we have an enormous pool of knowledge and experience that we can share with each other to enhance our personal and communal lives.  We invite therefore members who will establiish dream groups in diverse areas.

The creators of Dream Connect Global are global citizens who have lived and worked around the world.  We invite all of you to become global citizens of a more just and sustainable world order where people everywhere can realize their dreams.

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